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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Don’t let dirty tile and grout ruin the look in your home. Let our tile and grout cleaning experts do the work for you. We offer free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Don't break your back trying to deal with stubborn stains any longer. Contact us today to schedule your service.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and Grout cleaning will bring your dirty and dingy looking tiled surfaces back to life! We know we talk a lot about carpets - but we want every surface in your home to be as clean as possible. As part of our complete cleaning services, our cleaning specialists will work hard on restoring your tile and grout floors, so you don’t have to turn away every time you look at the dirty grout!

Stop throwing money down the drain on high-priced store-bought tile and grout cleaners that just make a mess with zero results for all your hard work. Call our crew of professional cleaners instead.

Your tile and grout take a beating, just like other flooring and surfaces in your home. You might think you are getting them clean by mopping or wiping them every day, but its hard to achieve a deep clean with home equipment. Using our state of the art equipment, the skilled technicians on our crew will get the job done fast! We use only non-toxic cleaning products that are also biodegradable. Since we don’t use expensive, harsh chemicals, we are able to pass those savings on to our valued customers.

After we clean your tile and grout, we will apply a superior sealant to the surface, which will make it much easier to keep clean in the future! With one phone call to us, you can save yourself time, money and frustration.

We may be best known for our carpet cleaning skills, but we are proud to offer more cleaning services than most local carpet cleaners. If you are ready to see the shine in your tile again, contact us today!

Tile and Grout Restoration

If you think that the only option you have is to tear out and replace your tile and grout, stop and call us. We use tried and true restoration methods to save even the saddest looking tiled surfaces. Even if you can’t remember what the original color of your tiles was, we will be able to turn back time and restore your tile.

Your tile grout is very porous and absorbs dirt, debris, and other unmentionables which weaken it’s bond to the tile, not to mention, give it a dull and dingy look. Our cleaning crew cleans and restores the following types of tile:
Tile & Grout Restoration Deming

  • Ceramic
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Porcelain
  • And more

Our crew is ready to service your tile and grout in these common areas:

  • Bathroom floors
  • Entryways
  • Hallways
  • Showers and tubs
  • Kitchen floors
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • And more

We know you’ve tried using a toothbrush and a bottle of grout cleaner or some other magic potion to try and fix your dirty tile grout - admit it. But it doesn’t have to be so backbreaking. We have the right tools, products, training, and experience to get the job done right - and fast! Call us today for all your tile and grout needs.

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We provide tile and grout cleaning in Las Cruces and nearby areas.


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