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Steam Cleaning

For optimal results, steam cleaning is hands down the best method for keeping your carpets in tip top shape. Our steam cleaning service involves state-of-the-art equipment will prolong the life of your carpet and save you money in the long run. Phone us today to get your free steam cleaning estimate and to schedule a service.

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Steam Cleaning Service

Steam cleaning is the cornerstone of our carpet cleaning company. This process starts with a specially formulated cleaning solution applied to your carpet. To apply the solution, we use the wands hooked up to hoses from our high powered truck. Then, our powerful hot water extraction method removes even the most stubborn deepest dirt safely and gently.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Everyone member of our carpet cleaning crew is uniquely skilled at removing stains and restoring carpet. With steam cleaning, we can offer our customers the cleanest results possible. There will be no residue left behind when are finished!

We recommend having your carpet steam cleaned at the least once or twice a year, more depending on how heavy the foot traffic is.

When our crew arrives, your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed. Then, we inject our cleaning solution and hot water to your carpet via high-powered magic wands. This process loosens all the trapped dirt, debris and allergens from deep in the carpet fibers. Finally, using our high-tech equipment, the water and solution, as well as any dirt and stains, are extracted from your carpet.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, allows us to reach the deepest crevices of your carpet and pull out dirt, allergens, moisture and of course, the cleaning solution we use. Your vacuum simply isn’t strong enough to remove the pollutants trapped deep in your carpet. The benefits to steam cleaning your carpet make this technique worth every penny.
Steam Cleaning Deming
Benefits of Hot Water Extraction:

Eliminates dirt, debris and allergens that are trapped in your carpet
Removes dust mites from your carpet
Improved health once allergens are removed
Your carpet will look new again
Savings from not having to replace your carpet or waste your money on store-bought carpet sprays
Prolong the life of your carpet
And more!

You will be blown away with how fabulous your carpet looks after we are done steam cleaning. At our cleaning company, we believe in building strong customer relationships by delivering quality results with dependable customer service. A clean carpet is a healthy carpet - and a healthy carpet, means a healthier home for you and your loved ones. Don’t wait, call us today for steam cleaning services.

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Professional carpet steam cleaning services

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