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Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning

Make us your first call if you need a Las Cruces carpet cleaning company. Carpet cleaning is a must, but it doesn’t have to be a major headache. Let us give your carpets a deep down clean that lasts. We offer free carpet cleaning estimates - call today to make an appointment!

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Vacuuming, no matter how often you do it, only cleans the surface of the carpet. Your vacuum isn't capable of getting deep within the fibers where dirt and allergens settle - but our truck-mounted system does! Don’t worry about having to wait days for the carpet to fully dry; our special method ensures that your carpets will be dry and ready for foot traffic in just a few hours.

Carpet acts as a filter for allergens and bacteria by removing them from the air inside your home. Over time your carpet is full to the brim with pollutants, and your vacuum can’t remove all of them. If the dirt, allergens, and bacteria aren’t extracted, they are eventually released back into the air.

Our recommendation is to have your carpets deep cleaned roughly every six months. If you have a larger family or multiple pets, you should consider carpet cleaning more than twice a year. Regular deep carpet cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpets. If your carpet is new, routine carpet cleaning will make sure you don’t void your warranty.

Our Las Cruces carpet cleaning company is available for residential properties and commercial buildings. If you are ready for a healthier work or home environment, give us a call today to schedule your first service.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We steam clean carpets for a deep down clean using our truck-mounted system. Our method allows us to capture most of the pollutants buried in your carpet. The non-toxic steam cleaning service we provide is safe for your carpets, pets, and family members.

The night before or morning of your scheduled service, we ask that you remove all clutter and toys from the floor. Don’t worry about the furniture because we will move it for you. Give the space a quick once over and check for items that are valuable and shouldn’t get wet; it’s best to put those away until the carpet is dry.

Our crew will use wands to apply a special non-toxic cleaning solution and hot water to your carpets. The carpet cleaning solution is formulated to reach the deep down trapped dirt and bacteria. Once we have cleaned the carpets, we use a commercial strength extraction vacuum to pull out the moisture along with the pollutants. After we’ve finished, you will be left with the cleanest carpet in Las Cruces, and improved indoor air quality. Contact us when you are ready to schedule carpet cleaning services.

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